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I believe that we must first introduce ourselves. All members of the 777th Jokers are virtual F-16 pilots. Some of us carry an accumulated experience of more than 12 years with Falcon 4 simulator, both in flight, as well as in the organization of national and international events. Others are a little less experienced, but all with the same level of commitment and commitment to move this project. We hope that our contacts are regular and that in the future we can organize and participate together in many events

The 777th Jokers is a virtual Spanish sqn specializing in the flight of the Lockheed Martin F16 Fighting Falcon. we are recreating, as faithfully as possible, the actual flight procedures of such aircraft, based on the manuals and original documentation available. To do this, it uses as a platform the FALCON BMS simulator in its most up-to-date version, without discarding in the future the use of other platforms.

The entire training system of the 777th is based on methodologies, documentation and actual instruction procedures, including communications, with the logical limitations of simulation on a PC and a big experienced team with more than 12 years using Falcon 4 simulator, most of them are ex-E69 pilots maybe you know for some past activities together.

As an additional support to the activity, the wing has a web platform that includes a blog, where to keep abreast of the news related to our hobby, a social network, where to share experiences, a forum and an e-Learning platform for continuous training for our pilots.

For any doubt, problem or anything that you consider opportune to comment with the Staff, you can contact member pilots by private message in the forum or through our social network.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the 777th Jokers home!!